Orbital Ubers with Vanessa Clark and William Kowalski of Atomos Space

Orbital Ubers with Vanessa Clark and William Kowalski of Atomos Space
Near Frontier
Orbital Ubers with Vanessa Clark and William Kowalski of Atomos Space
Episode 1 January 11, 2022 00:49:06

Show Notes

Today we're joined by Vanessa Clark and William Kowalski, cofounders of Atomos Space, an aerospace company transforming how we operate in space with orbital transfer vehicles. In our conversation, we discuss the importance of orbital transfer vehicles or "space taxis", regulations when operating in space, and the early days of Atomos. We hope you enjoy our conversation with Vanessa and William. 


  1. Orbital transfer vehicles (OTVs)
  2. Kessler Syndrome 
  3. Regulatory landscape in space
  4. Working with the government as a private space company
  5. Nuclear propulsion
  6. How Atomos came to be
  7. Early days of fundraising
  8. How to hire a rockstar team

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