RNA Delivery with Anna Perdrix and George Foot of Sixfold Bioscience

RNA Delivery with Anna Perdrix and George Foot of Sixfold Bioscience
Near Frontier
RNA Delivery with Anna Perdrix and George Foot of Sixfold Bioscience
Episode 2 January 25, 2022 00:43:57

Show Notes

Today we're joined by Anna Perdrix Rossell and George Foot of Sixfold Bioscience, co-founders of Sixfold Bioscience, a UK based biotech company using computation and advanced chemistry to engineer highly programmable constructs that make the delivery of RNA therapeutics predictable and precise. Sixfold's technology expands the purview of RNA therapeutics from vaccines to all diseases, starting with cancer. In our conversation, we discuss the challenge of RNA delivery, what it's like starting a biotech company totally from scratch (no academic spinout or venture incubation), how to hire a diverse team, and promising areas of biotechnology. 



  1. Sixfold Bioscience and challenges with RNA delivery 
  2. How George and Anna started Sixfold
  3. Switching between an academia and entrepreneurship mindset
  4. Building a biotech totally from scratch
  5. Twitter debate—founder led bio vs venture incubation 
  6. Building a diverse (majority women!) team and tips for recruitment
  7. Sixfold's big vision
  8. Broader trends to be excited about in biotech and deep tech

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